The foundation is dear to my heart, my sister lost her short battle to cancer on July 29, 2010.  Courtney left in her wake not only her two beautiful boys but a lasting impression on our community.
While caring for Courtney when she was sick we had several conversations, however two left a lasting impression on me.  The first while looking out the window onto the city street Courtney said, "What I would do to run."  Second, "when I get better I'm going to give back."
I wanted to create this foundation not only to give to children that have lost a parent, but to create a group of kids who can relate to each other.  We want to unite these children that understand what it is like to lose a parent, so they are not alone.  It is our hope, to get together and celebrate several times a year whether it is a fishing trip, ball game, festival or a picnic.
In closing
Courtney loved the saying
Go Big or Go Home
That is what we plan to do.
Take this foundation and hopefully make it BIG!!! 
Thank you
Lindsey Blakeslee Chalifoux 

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